Calling all course creators:

Course Creators Copywriting Academy Is Now Open...

Say Goodbye to Courses That Crash and Hello to Courses That Convert

Discover the step-by-step 3C Copy Launch System to captivate your audience, cultivate relationships, and skyrocket course conversions like a Course Creator Ninja (from list building to launch) so you can LAUNCH FAST and get RESULTS without the frustration and pit stps of figuring it all out by yourself.

Do you...
  • spend days, weeks, or months planning your launch and writing launch copy (or thinking about  it🤔) but you really don't know where to begin and you know there's got to be a better way?
  • waste time and money launching your course and you think you've missed the mark with your messaging because you don't hear the cha-ching of your bank account rising like you wish?
  • hesitate sending emails or publishing your sales page because you're afraid of sounding too sales-y, but you know there's an audience who needs your work now?
  • use the spray and pray method of launching your course into the universe with little success and you want someone to show you a proven, simpler, quicker way to do it?
  • feel frustrated with the amount of time you spend  internet-surfing for answers but the DIY method isn't working and you want to find a way that actually works?
Your life is about to get much easier! 

Your course launch needs 3 key ingredients to be a success:




If you miss the mark on any of these, you'll never get the results you want.

It's kind of like substituting salt for sugar in your favorite cookie recipe. 🤢

Here's a little secret most course marketing gurus aren't telling you...

Your launch is 80% copywriting!

So why do so many people only teach the marketing side of launching a course and skip over or short-change how to write the copy that does the actual selling? 

 Most marketers are numbers people, not writers.

And yes, while you must absolutely understand the metrics in a course launch...
 if your copy sucks, there won't be many metrics to measure.

That’s why I’ve made it my laser-focused mission to help online course creators skyrocket their course conversions with launch copy that turns cold leads into on-fire fans ready to buy.

As a copywriter who has helped over 150 course creators write launch copy, I've seen:

  Sheer overwhelm lead course creators to procrastination and complete paralysis when it comes to writing their copy, planning a sales sequence or launching their course
Good courses left to die in a computer file because the course creator didn’t know how to write copy that sells or plan their launch and lacked the confidence to put it out into the world  
Good courses scrapped completely when it was actually an audience, messaging, and copy problem, not a course content problem  

But it doesn't have to be that way...

What if you knew EXACTLY how to reach your ideal audience, craft captivating, can't-say-no copy, and sequence your launch so you could streamline, simplify, and follow an easy step-by-step process each step of the way?
(Can you say STRESS-FREE course launching?)

Just imagine if you could...

Get a tried-and-true blueprint for each piece of copy you need to write from beginning to end (every single email, landing page and sales page)

Learn the copywriting techniques that make readers pounce on the sign-up button and increase course conversions

Feel confident that your copy  messaging not only sounds good but resonates with your audience and will also lead to more sales

Say goodbye to feeling like a Spammy Pammy because you know how to help solve your reader's problems in an authentic, helpful way

Write high conversion landing pages and sales pages so you can increase your sales and impact more people

Increase email open and click through rates and build a fan base that can’t wait to read what you have to say

Decrease the time it takes to write your copy so you can launch your course quicker and more stress-free 

Find out the exact launch sequences to scale your business without confusion and indecision

Does this sound like a dream come true?

Course Creators Copywriting Academy

The Course Creators Copywriting Academy, based on my proprietary 3C Copy Launch System, is a 6 module, 12 week program that provides all the tools, templates, and methods you need to target your aligned audience, write all of your launch copy (from your freebie to your sales page and everything in between) and know EXACTLY what to do each step of the way so that you can launch with confidence and ease, save time, and increase your course sales.

In this course you will:

  • Learn the techniques that professional copywriters use so your copy sounds effortless, resonates with your audience, and turns casual readers into long-term fans and eager-to-buy customers
  • Get clear on your ideal audience so you can nail your messaging and launch with confidence
  • Write attention-grabbing  headlines and button-pushing CTAs that get results  
  • Discover the subject line formulas that increase your open rates and avoid spam filters
  • Create freebies that your audience wants and needs so you can grow your list with the right people 
  • Write a welcome sequence that captivates your audience and nurture emails that build an eager fan base
  • Write sign-me-up landing pages that convert and grow your list plus the design tips and tricks that get you noticed
  • Avoid pitfalls that can sabotage conversion rates (but not yours, because you will know better) 
  • Prepare your challenge or webinar content to create ultimate results
  • Cultivate your audience with webinars and and challenges that leave your audience lining up to work with you 
  • Use the sales page time-saver framework to make writing your sales page a step-by-step breeze 
  • Write a sales page like a pro and turn this money-maker into a 24/7 sales machine   
  • Send can't-say-no sales emails that are authentic and true to you without feeling sales-y 
  • Plan out your entire course funnel and finally get your course out into the world to your waiting audience
  • Have the complete course launch roadmap to take you through the entire launch process beginning with your freebie through cart close so you never have to wonder what to do next 

My 3C Copy Launch System is the most effective way to skyrocket your course launch conversions from list building to course sales.


“This is a really awesome course! I feel more confident in my email sequence. I understand the importance and the why behind an email sequence. I feel more excited to plan and launch my course. The messaging deep dive was really helpful as well.” 

- Amelia Moreno, Soul Alchemy for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Are you thinking...

“I don’t want to be a copywriter; I just want an easy way to write good copy that will help me sell my course!”?

I’ve got you covered.

You don’t have to be a copywriter to get good results when you follow the 3 C  Copy Launch System and use the over 70 copy templates inside the course and adapt them to your audience.

Say good-bye to guess-work!

Get the launch sequences that tell you what to send and when!

What you'll learn inside the Course Creators Copywriting Academy...

✔️ Change Your Mindset About Selling With Copy That Isn't Spammy or Sleazy
✔️ The Psychology of Persuasion That Doesn't Feel Cringe-Worthy
✔️ Nail Your Messaging Deep Dive

✔️Create Lead Magnets That Captivate
✔️ Sign-Up Worthy Landing Pages
✔️Captivating Welcome Series to Build Trust
✔️Nurture Your Audience Into Life-Long Fans

✔️ Plan Your Must-Attend Webinar or Challenge
✔️ Develop a Captivating Landing Page
✔️ Write Must-Read Emails
✔️ Create Your Challenge Workbook
✔️ Webinar and Challenge Timelines for Stress-Free Planning

The sales page is your money-maker, your 24/7 sales machine on steroids– if it’s done right.
You get the idea. It’s a BIG DEAL.
 Get the step-by-step process to write a sales page you feel good about and that converts into sales.  
Module 4 is so jam-packed with everything you need to know it could be a stand alone course and is worth the cost of the entire course just by itself!

✔️ Sales Page Time-Saver
✔️16 High-Converting Must-Have Ingredients
✔️ Step-by-Step Process to Build Each Section
✔️The Secrets The Pros Use
✔️ Short vs. Long Sales Pages, Plus Templates!

✔️ 3 C Step-by-Step Blueprint to Write Sales Emails That Serve Your Audience With Integrity
✔️ How to Craft Emails That Align With Your Core Values And Increase Course Sales
✔️Frameworks, Swipes and Schedules for Each Email You Send– Goodbye Overwhelm and Confusion

✔️ Downsells That Leave No Money On The Table
✔️ Upsells To Your Scale Your Business
✔️ Book-A-Call, Abandoned Cart Emails and More...


“Video modules were just the right length. I usually get stuck staring at a blank screen in my CRM. The templates allowed me to get started and then my own ideas flowed.” 

- Amanda Ling, Course Creator

Plus, you'll get these BONUSES:


5 2-hour guided work sessions so you stay on track with support and advice that will keep you from getting stuck and provide accountability for your launch.

$2400 Value


5 bi-weekly live coaching sessions for copy feedback, Q&A and guidance each step of your launch process from list building to final sale.

  $1200 Value


5-step mini course to Nail Your ICA so you can clarify your offer, differentiate yourself from the crowd and create the course your audience needs.

$147 Value


- 40 Headline Secrets To Boost Your  ROI
- 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Launch Copy
- 20 Free Tools to Make Your Course Launch Easier

$117 Value

Here's everything you get inside of Course Creator Copywriting Academy...

TOTAL VALUE= $12,245
YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY 3 Easy Payments of $187

  • Most popular
    Course Creators Copywriting Academy
  • 3 payments of

    $187 USD

    per month

    Launches That Captivate, Cultivate & Convert

  • Course Creators Copywriting Academy 1-Time Payment

    $497 USD


    Launches That Captivate, Cultivate & Convert

  • VIP Course Creators Copywriting Academy

    $2997 USD


    Get the VIP treatment- Only 10 Spots Open


Is the Course Creators Copywriting Academy right for you?

It's perfect for course creators who want to...

✅ increase conversions, make more money ,and stop saying "some day..."
✅ write your copy with ease, even if you've never written copy before
✅ have templates at your fingertips and a roadmap each step of your launch
✅ stop operating on trial and error so you can save time and finally launch
✅ have a library of email, landing page and sales page templates on standby
✅ save money on copywriters and guarantee the copy is in integrity to you 

This is NOT for you if you…

Already know how to successfully write your copy and launch your course  
Are making all of the money you want to make (go you!)
Want to hire someone else to write your copy for you (let's talk!)
⌧ Want to start a copywriting business (this course won’t show you how)
Are a copywriter looking to steal templates (don’t be that person)
Don't want to improve you copy or increase your sales

Here's what people are saying...

“Susan has been the peanut butter to my jelly! She just gets it! I needed an amazing copywriter, and Susan is it!

She has been the best addition to my online business. 100% recommend!”

Dori Schmidt

Owner, Beauty Boss Templates

“Susan’s journalism background and expertise sets her apart from others – she’s super detailed and brings together her skills of writing, editing and teaching into powerful marketing copy. You’ll be happy you made the choice to work with her.

Destinee Berman

Founder and CEO, Destinee Berman, LLC

“It has been such a great pleasure to work with Susan, and I couldn’t have done this without her help. Professional to the fingertips.
All the copies have been taken to a whole new level!” 🙂

Katrine Berge

CEO, Deva Yoga

Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

I’m asking you to trust me, and I realize that’s a big ask. So that’s why I’m offering you a 100% money-back guarantee.  

I’m also trusting that you, too, are a good, honest person whose goal is to get your course launched and you’re ready to put in the work to make that happen!  

Here’s how it works:  I'm confident that Course Creator Copywriting Academy will make writing your copy and planning your launch simpler. If you can show that you are doing the work and have attended at least one coaching session within the first 30 days and find that it is not providing you value, I will refund your money for the full price of the course.  

All you need to do is email me at, show me your work and tell me why it’s not working for you and you’ll be issued a full refund.

Meet your mentor:

I’m Susan, the founder of My Copy Pro, LLC, and your guide to writing launch copy that converts. After retiring from a few decades of teaching high school students how to write, I have helped over 150 course creators write high-converting launch copy and small businesses scale their profits.

Between my experience working with marketing coaches, writing launch copy, and serving as a copywriting coach, I bring a unique, well-rounded perspective on what works for creating a message that converts to sales. My love of teaching, writing, and helping others blends perfectly for my business and creates the perfect combo for helping you launch with success.

When I created Course Creators Copywriting Academy, I packaged all my knowledge and skills into a mega course that will give you everything you need to write all the copy for your course launch in an easy-to-follow and simple-to-implement process from audience building to final sales email and everything in between. 

In case you have questions...

No problem, this course will teach you how to write all of the copy you will need for each stage of your course launch from the Lead Magnet and Welcome Series emails to the final Sales Email and Sales Page and everything in between. This will benefit you greatly even before you create your course. Still trying to figure out your audience or your first freebie- no worries, I've got you covered!

Writing your launch copy is an entirely different style of writing than what you learned in school or probably use anywhere else in your life. I taught high school English and journalism for over 30 years and can confidently say you didn’t learn how to write copy in school. Many of the things you did learn that work well for academic writing will actually hurt you when it comes to writing copy that sells. Let's save you time and money by learning what actually works!

My 3 C Copy Launch System designed specifically for course creators puts the focus on what sells – your audience. You'll learn how to captivate, cultivate, and convert your audience in an authentic way. While you can find courses for sales pages and courses for emails, this is the only comprehensive copywriting course for course creators I have found that gives you step-by-step instruction and templates for every single piece of copy you need for your full launch– welcome emails, nurture emails, challenge emails, webinar emails, sales emails, abandoned cart emails, downsell emails, upsell emails, landing pages and sales pages.

You will also get the complete launch blueprint for course launch success from audience building, messaging, and launch sequencing, so you'll know each step to take in your launch and when! Plus, the support is out of this world! Get two types of live support: 5 group coaching calls for Q&A, plus, 5 2-hour guided works sessions so you stay on track with support and advice that will keep you from getting stuck and provide accountability for your launch. 

The question you need to ask is how much time am I wasting by not doing this course? The reason is, if you're serious about creating and launching a course, you’re going to have to do ALL THE THINGS anyway. Of course, you can eventually figure it out yourself, but that takes lots of time, disappointment, and failed attempts when you could skip that headache and get an easy step-by-step process that will SAVE you time, money and endless frustration! If you stick to the 3C System, you will compete each phase of the launch as you go through the course. No more waiting!

Why, yes you can. In fact, if you’d like to talk to an experienced course copywriter drop me a message at But the truth is most beginning course creators don’t have the spare cash to drop $4,000+ on a copywriter. Plus, I highly recommend that course creators have a good understanding of the copywriting process because it helps you further understand your product and customer as well as ensures you know that the copywriting you decide to hire out is well written.  

CCCA is for you if you are a course creator who wants to...
✓ increase conversions and make more money  
✓ write your copy with ease and simplicity
✓ have templates and proven processes at your fingertips
✓ stop operating on trial and error so you can save time and energy  
✓ save money by writing your copy yourself
✓ have a library of email, landing page and sales page templates on standby 

If you find that Course Creator Copywriting Academy is not providing you value and not making writing your launch simpler, I will give you a full refund within the first 30 days if you can show that you've been doing the work and have attended at least one coaching session. All you need to do is email me at and tell me why it’s not working for you and I will issue a full refund.  

5 live group coaching calls and 5 2-hour work sessions are included inside the course so that you can have support for three months. This will allow you to ask questions and time to complete one launch from beginning to end. If you prefer 1:1 support, check out the VIP program which gives you full course access, 8 1:1 coaching calls over six months, detailed verbal and written copy feedback on new launch assets, plus final feedback on your completed graphic landing pages and sales page. You'll have a professional copywriter's expert eye on your launch each step of the way.

Here's the BIGGEST question of all...
What happens if you don't enroll in Course Creator Copywriting Academy?

NOTHING! That’s right, nothing changes and you stay in the exact same place you are right now. You stay frustrated and confused because you don’t increase your course sales or you never launch your course 

You can continue to try to figure it out all by yourself, but time is money. The longer it takes to write your copy and launch, the longer it takes to make money. And that’s if you figure out how to do it correctly.

You could hire a copywriter. Hey! I am one. But here’s the truth, not all copywriters are created equal, and while there are lots of copywriters out there, there are also a lot of bad copywriters out there.

Here's a reminder of everything inside Course Creators Copywriting Academy...


00 Days

TOTAL VALUE = $12,245
YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY 3 Easy Payments of $187

  • Most popular
    Course Creators Copywriting Academy
  • 3 payments of

    $187 USD

    per month

    Launches That Captivate, Cultivate & Convert

  • Course Creators Copywriting Academy 1-Time Payment

    $497 USD


    Launches That Captivate, Cultivate & Convert

  • VIP Course Creators Copywriting Academy

    $2997 USD


    Get the VIP treatment- Only 10 Spots Open