Nail Your ICA Like a Course Creator Ninja

Discover the #1 SECRET all successful online course creators use to write high converting copy and increase course conversions.

It all starts with knowing your audience and by the end of this mini-course you'll be on your way to becoming a course creator ninja too!

Course creator ninjas know AUDIENCE CLARITY IS THE First step to standing out in the crowd and watching their conversions grow... 

If you're a course creator:

>> thinking about launching a course
>> in the middle of a launch
>> ready to relaunch or improve on your conversions
>> creating a new product or course (even if you've launched before)
>> not even sure what an ICA is, but you're ready to learn... 

this FREE Nail Your ICA mini-course will solve the #1 problem that gets course creators stuck when writing copy and causes them to lose sales.


Dig deep to find out who you want and need to serve so that your course is aligned with both you and your audience

day 2

Identify your audience's  REAL problems so you know how to meet their needs and sell your courses so much easier

Day 3

Find out how to use your competitors to hone in on your own audience and stand out in the crowd

Day 4

Discover the words your audience use so you know how to talk to them and understand them as well as you do your best friend

Day 5

Create your own detailed ICA so you can clarify your message, differentiate yourself and watch your conversions grow

Meet Your Copywriting Guide Susan

As the founder of My Copy Pro, LLC and the Course Creators Copywriting Academy, I'm your guide to writing launch copy that converts. I've helped over 200 course creators write copy for their course launches from welcome emails to sales pages and everything in between.  

Between my experience working with marketing coaches, writing launch copy, and serving as a copywriting coach, I bring a unique, well-rounded perspective on what works and what doesn't work for creating a message that converts to sales.  For a course launch to succeed you need the magic combination of the right audience, clear messaging, and a converting launch sequence.

This mini-course will help you create a clear ICA like a course creator ninja, no matter where you are in the course creator journey, so you can clarify your message and boost your conversions.