5-Day Challenge for Course Creators and Coaches

The Irresistible Lead Magnets to Attract Your Ideal Audience Challenge

Attract your ideal audience with an irresistible lead magnet that builds your email list and turns the right-fit audience into on-fire customers eagerly waiting for your next offer.

February 27-March 3, 2023

  • In just 5 days and only 15-25 minutes a day, you will:
  • Clarify your must-have topic to captivate your ideal audience  
  • Choose a format that won't take hours to create 
  • Create a captivating can't-say-no title (templates included)   
  • Develop action-taking content your audience needs and want   
  • Create a Call to Action to increase further engagement
  •  Attract your on-fire fans so you can turn them into sure-fire customers  

Then, sit back and watch the leads come in.

Day 1: Select a Must-Have Topic & Type

Discover the secret to choosing the right topic to attract you ideal client and select a format that will give your audience the most value, engagement and results without taking you a ton of time to create!

DAY 2:  Create an Irresistible Title

Create an irresistible title your ideal audience can't resist. Get the headline writing templates that will make writing your title a breeze and make your audience pounce on the sign up button.

Day 3:  The  Ultimate Introduction

You only get one chance for a great first impression so today you'll learn how to create an introduction that warmly welcomes your audience into your world and establishes you as the go-to expert.

DAY 4: The Content Solutions

Find out the best way to help your audience consume your content so they stay engaged and put your lead magnet into action for quick results that make them want more!

DAY 5: Create the Next Step

Create a  lead magnet conclusion that gets your audience to move forward and find out  5 Calls to Action that can move them from subscriber to a customer.

BONUS DAY:  The  Follow Up

Once your lead magnet complete, join me for a bonus Q&A day and find out what to do with your lead magnet to promote it to your ideal audience and build your email list.

Meet your guide:

Hi there! I'm Susan, the founder of My Copy Pro, LLC and the Course Creators Copywriting Academy, and YOUR guide to writing launch copy that converts.

My laser-focused mission is to help online course creators launch their courses with confidence and ease and skyrocket their course conversions with authentic launch copy that turns cold leads into on-fire fans ready to buy.

I have helped over 150 course creators write copy for their courses from welcome emails to sales pages and everything in between. One of the most important ways to grow your online business is to create an irresistible lead magnet that will build your list.

I can't wait to help you during the Irresistible Lead Magnet 5-Day Challenge!