Calling all course creators...

Are You Ready for  Launch Copy That Actually Sells?

Discover the step-by-step 3C Copy Launch System to skyrocket your course conversions like a pro from list building to launch so you can save time and increase sales without the frustrations of figuring it out yourself or hiring a copywriter.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of copy needed to build an audience and launch your course (and you don't know where to begin)
  • You spend too much time internet-surfing for answers instead of actually writing copy (and you want to learn  a proven, simple way to do it)
  • You're afraid of sounding sales-y so you have a course you haven't even launched (but you know there's an audience who needs your work and you need to launch it now)
  • You've launched before but didn't get the conversion results you hoped for (and you know your messaging can be improved)

What if writing the copy for your course launch could be streamlined, simplified, and broken down into an easy step-by-step process?

Feeling good about your launch copy using the same proven techniques professional copywriters use to
make your copy sound effortless and increase course conversions.

If you're thinking...
"I don't want to be a copywriter; I just want an easy way to write good copy that helps me sell my course..." 
You're in the right place!


Course Creators Copywriting Academy

The Course Creators Copywriting Academy is a 6-module online copywriting course designed specifically for course creators based on my proprietary 3 C Copy Launch System that  provides all the tools, templates, and methods you need to target your aligned audience, write all of your launch copy (from your freebie to your sales page and everything in between) and know EXACTLY what to do each step of the way so that you can launch with confidence and ease, save time, and increase your course sales.

By the end of this course you will...

  • Conquer your fear and dread of writing all the launch copy so you can launch with ease
  • Discover how to avoid pitfalls that can sabotage conversion rates (but not yours, because you'll know better)
  • Learn how to turn your audience into long-term fans and anxious-to-buy customers
  • Get frameworks for writing sales emails that you can feel good about sending (you won't sound spammy) and that lead to higher click-through rates

  • Write your sales pages like a pro and turn this money-maker into a 24/7 sales machine
  • Discover the techniques that copywriters use that will make your copy sound effortless and guide the reader eagerly through the page
  • Decrease the time it takes to write your copy thanks to a step-by-step process that turns a dreaded activity into a manageable, authentic selling tool
  • Get a complete roadmap to take you through the entire launch process so you never have to wonder what or how to write next

“Video modules were just the right length. I usually get stuck staring at a blank screen in my CRM. The templates allowed me to get started and then my own ideas flowed.
–Amanda Ling,
Course Creator

“It has been such a great pleasure to work with Susan, and I couldn’t have done this without her help.  All the copies have been taken to a whole new level! Thank you” 🙂
–Katrine Berge
Deva Yoga

“This is a really awesome course. I feel more confident in my email sequence.  I feel more excited to plan and launch my course. The messaging deep dive was really helpful as well.”
–Amelia Moreno
Soul Alchemy for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

You can rest easy at launch time when you use the 3 C Copy Launch System that will save you time and make you money.

Get the complete roadmap for all of your launch copy so you never wonder what to write next or how to write it

Decrease the time it takes to write your copy so you can get your course launched quicker and more stress-free

Write launch copy that converts with confidence and ease so you can increase sales and impact more people

Here's Everything You Get Inside the Course Creators Copywriting Academy...

  • 6 modules with instructional videos for each launch phase including welcome series, nurture, challenge, webinar and sales emails and more
  • Checklists, examples, and frameworks for every email, landing page, and sales page (Over 70 email templates, plus landing page and sales page copy templates)
  • Landing page module to help you write a landing page that converts for lead magnets, challenges, and webinars
  • Sales page module to make writing your sales page a breeze, even if you've never written one before (This module could be a stand alone course, but it's included in your classroom)
  • Copy launch schedules so you know exactly when to send each piece of cop
  • Lifetime access

Plus, you'll get these BONUSES:


5 2-hour guided work sessions so you stay on track with support and advice that will keep you from getting stuck and provide accountability for your launch. 
$2400 Value


5 bi-weekly live coaching sessions for copy feedback, Q&A and guidance each step of your launch process from list building to final sale. 
  $1200 Value


Nail Your ICA like a Course Creator NINJA and find your gap in the online market with this 5-step mini course.

$147 Value


- 40 Headline Secrets To Boost Your  ROI
- 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Launch Copy
- 20 Free Tools to Make Your Course Launch Easier
$117 Value

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