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Material presented simply, clearly and in a lovely reassuring way

“When I first came across Susan and CCCA, I was stuck. I knew I needed to up my copywriting game but was struggling to piece together all the information I’d gathered from various corners of the Internet. Working through CCCA, and with support from Susan, I’ve been able to craft a lead magnet I’m really proud of and that’s super useful to my community. I’m also confident now about sending good quality emails. The material in the course is presented simply, clearly and in Susan’s lovely reassuring way. It’s very comprehensive and covers everything you need related to copywriting for your course launch.”   

Anna Leggett, Certified Self-Care Coach
Anna Leggett Coaching

Course Creators Copywriting Academy

Go from Confused Emerging Course Creator to a Course Creator Ninja when you have ALL the copywriting and funnel tutorials, templates & cheatsheets you need to write launch copy and plan your next launch that actually converts.

Course Creators Copywriting Academy

Discover the step-by-step 3C Copy Launch System to CAPTIVATE your audience, CULTIVATE relationships, and CONVERT your audience like a Course Creator Ninja so you can launch FAST and get RESULTS. You'll get all the tools, templates, and methods you need to target your aligned audience, write all of your launch copy (from your freebie to your sales page and everything in between) and know EXACTLY what to do each step of the way.